The Lodge of Hope and Charity No. 377


Peter’s Secret

Mystery Mason

Peter Ricketts will be representing Hope & Charity Lodge in the final round of entries in this year’s Provincial Lecture Competition to be held at the Stourport Masonic Centre from 7pm on Thursday, March 29.

His lecture is entitled  “A Most Remarkable Worcestershire Mason,” so who is this man? “You’ll have to attend to find out,” said Peter.

Five other lectures will be presented: Glen Collins with “Benjamin Franklin - a tale of two countries,” Barry Benge with “W.Bro W T Page, An Extraordinary Mason,” Damon Lord  with “The Forgotten Second Degree,” Ernie Roberts with “Early Masonic Musings,” and Robert Johnson with “An Explanation of Masonic Symbolism.”

It is an informal event – no regalia –  the bar will be open, and all Masons are welcome to attend what will be a most entertaining evening.




PR 60th certificate 3.jpg      

Sixty Years on The Square.

A Freemason for 60 years

The rare presentation of a 60-year membership certificate and a Proclamation attracted about 60 Masons to the February meeting of the Lodge of Hope & Charity.

The certificate was presented to WBro Peter Ricketts by WBo Keith Evans, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, who, at the same time, announced that, with immediate effect, the Provincial Grand
Master had promoted Peter from PPrGJW to PPGSW.

Earlier, WBro Colin Young had outlined Peter’s career as a leading journalist in Birmingham and also his abiding desire as a teenager to become a Spitfire fighter pilot – an ambition thwarted when, while flying training in Oklahoma, the dropping of the atom bombs abruptly ended the war.

During a memorable evening, Bro John Stevens was Proclaimed as our Worshipful Master for a second year and he duly reappointed or appointed his officers.